Josh Coe is a NY-based designer. He’s currently taking on interactive projects in the arts, education, and social good.

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Coe has done interactive work for clients including the Fortune 500, startups, nonprofits, entertainment, and gaming.

Coe crafts complex systems into effective experiences. He collaborated with the core team of an art investment startup on a brand & product reinvention that led to the startup’s acquisition, a new partnership with a trillion-dollar firm, and satisfied customers.

1 / 6 – For art investment platform CollectorIQ, Coe redesigned the brand & experience to be useful for both art collectors & financial audiences.

2 / 6 – With the redesign, professionals & individuals can more easily track the value of their art collection.

3 / 6 – With the improvements to the user experience, it’s easier to keep tabs on artwork and comparables.

4 / 6 – The redesign enables users to stay up-to-date on the shifts of the larger art market.

5 / 6 – The app placed a priority on accessibility, with light & dark themes and a adaptive, responsive design.

6 / 6 – Coe worked with CollectorIQ and Bank of America to create a white-label risk analysis tool for the investment bank.


Here's how he’s been keeping busy lately. Please reach out for details & case studies.

For 2023, he’s conducting field research and heading the design of a product that inspires outdoor fitness.

For Nickelodeon, he collaborated with the interactive team to reinvent their core learning product for preschoolers, guardians & teachers.

For Amplify Education, he consulted with the interactive team to grow their math & reading products for students & teachers.

For Apple, he embedded with the creative team to craft a simpler way to listen to music and watch live events.

For Nike, he worked with the innovation team to craft products including SNKRS, an engaging sneaker destination.

For an extended reality startup, he worked on a prototyping tool that influenced an emerging design language.